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the ramblings of a (wannabe) novelist

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Christian. College student. Writer. Occasional artist. Iconmaker. Mod of multiple LJ communities. Obsessed with Edward VI ♥.

A man must conquer pride, not kill it... ~ Anglo-Saxon poem The Seafarer, as translated by Burton Raffel.

Marriage is holy.

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My personal information is locked in my first (private) entry.

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>>manga (ongoing)
nabari no ou ♥ saiyuki reload ♥ tsubasa reservoir chronicles ♥ amatsuki ♥ gintama

>>manga (complete)
rurouni kenshin ♥ whistle! ♥ gensoumaden saiyuki ♥ cafe kichijouji de ♥ matantei loki ragnarok

>>anime (ongoing)
nabari no ou ♥ gintama ♥ amatsuki ♥ d.gray-man ♥ vampire knight

>>anime (complete)
gensoumaden saiyuki ♥ saiyuki reload ♥ rurouni kenshin ♥ honey & clover ♥ fullmetal alchemist

scaramouche - rafael sabatini ♥ the riddle-master trilogy - patricia mckillip ♥ the lord of the rings - j.r.r. tolkien ♥ the chronicles of narnia - c.s. lewis ♥ the histories of king kelson - katherine kurtz

seki toshihiko ♥ fukuyama jun ♥ tomokazu sugita ♥ paku romi ♥ yamaguchi kappei

>>voice actors
chris patton ♥ david matranga ♥ johnny yong bosch ♥ troy baker ♥ crispin freeman

>>film/tv actors
elijah wood ♥ ioan gruffudd ♥ hugh dancy ♥ william moseley ♥ skandar keynes

josh groban ♥ celtic thunder ♥ evanescence ♥ three days grace ♥ seether

edward vi ♥ john cheke ♥ barnaby fitzpatrick ♥ philip sidney ♥ cs lewis

frodo baggins ♥ genjo sanzo ♥ himura kenshin ♥ peter pevensie ♥ edmund pevensie

300 ♥ 3:10 to yuma ♥ chronicles of narnia: the lion, the witch & the wardrobe ♥ chronicles of narnia: prince caspian ♥ amazing grace

the office ♥ psych ♥ house, m.d.

Miharu is evil love.

Maes Hughes is not dead love

Ed is small like a bean Love

Fuery is mad hot in glasses love
Made by _joha @ fukikomu

Ling is deserving of a witty message ;x love
Made by _joha @ fukikomu

Saiyuki is love.
Made by: fat

D.Gray-Man is black&white love.
Made by: fat
:: ...GOING ::
my anime/manga fanfic.
my lotR fanfic.
my original fic.
my genfic archive: mathombox.
my icons: _shinken.
my icon bases: shinkenbases.
my anime & manga reviews: juujikazou.

:: communities begun and maintained by me ::
_southofthewall :: for fans of the 2004 movie king arthur
07ghost_awards [co-modded by me] :: a weekly icontest for the manga series 07-ghost
godlyimp :: a community for edward vi
huckhealers :: an h/c fanfic archive for the movie the adventures of huckleberry finn
juujikazou :: for Christian anime/manga reviews [currently on hiatus]
madbagginses :: for fans of bilbo & frodo baggins
nabari_awards :: a bi-weekly icontest for the anime/manga series nabari no ou
nabari_no_icons :: for nabari no ou icons
rk_challenge [no longer run by me] :: a rurouni kenshin fanfic challenge
samurai7_icons :: for samurai 7 icons
sutepricons :: for scrapped princess icons
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