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Please read, friends!

Hey guys! I know, I've been MIA for, like, two years. I'm sorry! RL swooped in and dragged me away, but I have fought my way back to LJ. However, I've decided that a makeover was in order, so from now on I'm going to be posting as curnon. Of course, being the packrat that I am I can't bring myself to actually delete elevenses, but I won't be updating it anymore.

So please, if you still care to talk to me at all :P, go friend curnon! I'm trying to track all of you down but that will take a while, so it's easier if you all just head my way. :3

Thanks, hope to talk with you all soon!!!
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edward vi is love!

what is that? it's a bird -- it's a plane -- no, it's elevenses!!!

*brushes off dust*

Wow. I've been gone way, way too long. I can't believe it's been over a year! I am ashamed of myself, I haven't even visited LJ except to join a few communities in all that time. College really is a full-time business! However, I am attempting to work my way back into the realm of LJ and fanfic. I'm making no promises, but it really is something that I want to do. I've missed "visiting" and writing and sharing with you all!

Actually, speaking of writing and sharing, part of the reason I'm here is because on a recent whim I got on ff.net and took a glance at my old LotR fanfic. After much cringing and gagging, I decided that I want to go through all those old stories and bring them to life again - I don't know if I'll ever finish them, but I at least want to polish off what I have written. Thus, I grabbed the first chapter of Folly of the Wise and rewrote it. I think it sounds quite different, hopefully in a good way. I don't know when I will get the next chapter done - I've got six short essays and two research papers to finish by Wednesday so that takes priority at the moment. However, I hope to get on it soon, and in the meantime I hope you all enjoy rereading the beginning of an old story. :D

Title: Folly of the Wise
Series: Lord of the Rings (movie & bookverse)
Character(s)/Pairings: the Fellowship
Rating: PG/T
Summary: Gen. The story of The Fellowship of the Ring, as seen through the eyes of Gondor's eldest son, Boromir.

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edward vi is love!


So yeah. Dislocated my knee or something on Saturday, much fun! I'm not even sure how I did it... it just got gradually worse and worse (not really painful, I just couldn't put weight on it), and finally got all swollen and sore. (Last night it was even much hotter than the rest of my leg.) I can feel my kneecap moving around when I touch it, blech. *shudder*

Of course, I was supposed to work today 2:30 to 9, but that obviously won't be happening. I have a doctors appointment at 2:30 and hopefully he'll fix it (ack, NOT looking forward to that process!!!). Possibly I'll be able to go into work at around 7 and help the poor girl who's closing. Otherwise she'd have to do it alone, or my boss would have to stay late, which she does all the time because she's a workaholic. As long as I can just sit on the stool, ring people up, answer the phones, do the drawers, and not walk around, I should be fine. :P

So yup, that's what's going on here. That, and college woes. But I won't bore you with my whining on that subject. *SIGH*

Hope everyone had an awesome Mother's Day, by the way!!

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Never thought I'd say it, but...

Gads, I love the French!!! Who knew there were any left among them capable of such courageous and rational thought? I'm shocked. Best part of that article, though, is the meaning of the croissant - I had no idea it was shaped like a crescent to commemorate the Crusaders' victory over Islam. As Ann says, aren't the French just peachy? XDDD

My only regret about this is that I can't pick on them anymore. Now I can only pick on Spain, but I suppose they'll have to do. A nation of women, indeed. *snort*

Wow, who'd have thunk? Now the French rule. As do the Brits. And the Australians. And the Canadians! <3

....Gosh, too bad President Bush has alienated us from the rest of the civilised world, huh. XD
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Fanfic :: Nabari no Ou :: Distraction [oneshot]

Written for the 2007 April Fool's Day Exchange at nabari and nabari_no_ou, for the wonderful and talented staticlights. ^^

Title: Distraction
For: staticlights
Rating: G/K
Summary: Miharu always tried so hard to seem like he didn’t care about anything or anyone, but Kouichi had never been fooled. And now he knew that he was right, because Miharu’s indifferent mask was cracking.
Warnings: Uh… possible fluff overdose? A complete lack of April Fool’s Day mischief? UNBETA'D? (that will be fixed when I post it on ff.net)

...Oh yeah, and SPOILERS for the end of volume one and part of volume two.

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I should be shot for coming up with a title like that. Shot, I say! D:
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To my writer friends: a question!

Fortunately, I think "my writer friends" includes just about everybody on my flist. :P

Anyway, I just want y'all's opinion/suggestions on something. I have an OC, Gabriel, for my upcoming historical fiction series and I have finally decided, more or less, exactly what he looks like. As a reference, I am using Jared Leto because he has exactly the "look" that I'm going for - immensely attractive (most of the time :P), but in a very unusual, nonclassical way. Gabriel doesn't look exactly like him, of course, but the face shape and basic features are right.

Soooo, I wondered if you could help me figure out how to describe his features and face. Not that I want you to do my work for me, of course, but I think that suggestions and thoughts from talented people such as yourselves might be helpful. ;) I've got a few pictures beneath the cut for you to look at.

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Any thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated!!
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edward vi is love!

Well.... dagnabbit.

Heh, almost cursed there. I'm so bad. :O

Anyway. So! My first week of work went pretty darn well, all things considered. Thank you so much for the congrats and wishes of good luck! I'm still a bit overwhelmed with all the information I have to keep track of - none of it's hard, but there's a LOT of it! - but that was already getting much better by Friday.

This week, however, ought to be, uh... a little more exciting, though, I guess you could say. I'm going to be working every day TIL SATURDAY starting tomorrow, for a total of 30 HOURS this week!!! O_o;;;; Today is my only real free day to write and catch up on schoolwork. Tomorrow I have classes til about 3, then work at 5 til 9. Wednesday it's 4-9, Thursday it's 2-9, Friday it's 10-4 with a four-hour dance class starting at 6, and Saturday it's 10-6.

Dear Lord I'm going to be exhausted. I mean, seriously. I realize that this is real life for adults and that now that I'm 18 I am legally obliged to deal with it, but 30 hours is still a lot for a student!! I don't think my schedule will usually be this bad, though. I believe the reason for it is that one of my coworkers left suddenly, and she was, um, kind of important. O_o So now we all have to fill in for her, and there are more new people than regulars! Plus, another lady is leaving in two weeks. Good grief, maybe my timing was really bad....

Actually, you know, despite all my melodrama I'm not that upset. I mean, I'm bummed that I won't be able to do much writing (especially when I'm behind on bunnyyyyy's Tokoharu as it is, ack), but just think... my paycheck's gonna be huge!! Well, comparatively, anyway. :P

Okay, that's all for now. Gotta get some biology and geometry done before I can write. *sigh*

ETA: Mood icon! That's, like, my favorite part in Saiyuki Reload. XD
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edward vi is love!


First of all: got a call from the manager at the Christian bookstore, and I have the job!!! I start Monday and it pays more than my old one, which is a plus. X3 Wai! I'm so excited. I really like that place, so hopefully I'll enjoy my job.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!