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To my writer friends: a question!

Fortunately, I think "my writer friends" includes just about everybody on my flist. :P

Anyway, I just want y'all's opinion/suggestions on something. I have an OC, Gabriel, for my upcoming historical fiction series and I have finally decided, more or less, exactly what he looks like. As a reference, I am using Jared Leto because he has exactly the "look" that I'm going for - immensely attractive (most of the time :P), but in a very unusual, nonclassical way. Gabriel doesn't look exactly like him, of course, but the face shape and basic features are right.

Soooo, I wondered if you could help me figure out how to describe his features and face. Not that I want you to do my work for me, of course, but I think that suggestions and thoughts from talented people such as yourselves might be helpful. ;) I've got a few pictures beneath the cut for you to look at.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated!!
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