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Never thought I'd say it, but...

Gads, I love the French!!! Who knew there were any left among them capable of such courageous and rational thought? I'm shocked. Best part of that article, though, is the meaning of the croissant - I had no idea it was shaped like a crescent to commemorate the Crusaders' victory over Islam. As Ann says, aren't the French just peachy? XDDD

My only regret about this is that I can't pick on them anymore. Now I can only pick on Spain, but I suppose they'll have to do. A nation of women, indeed. *snort*

Wow, who'd have thunk? Now the French rule. As do the Brits. And the Australians. And the Canadians! <3

....Gosh, too bad President Bush has alienated us from the rest of the civilised world, huh. XD
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