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So yeah. Dislocated my knee or something on Saturday, much fun! I'm not even sure how I did it... it just got gradually worse and worse (not really painful, I just couldn't put weight on it), and finally got all swollen and sore. (Last night it was even much hotter than the rest of my leg.) I can feel my kneecap moving around when I touch it, blech. *shudder*

Of course, I was supposed to work today 2:30 to 9, but that obviously won't be happening. I have a doctors appointment at 2:30 and hopefully he'll fix it (ack, NOT looking forward to that process!!!). Possibly I'll be able to go into work at around 7 and help the poor girl who's closing. Otherwise she'd have to do it alone, or my boss would have to stay late, which she does all the time because she's a workaholic. As long as I can just sit on the stool, ring people up, answer the phones, do the drawers, and not walk around, I should be fine. :P

So yup, that's what's going on here. That, and college woes. But I won't bore you with my whining on that subject. *SIGH*

Hope everyone had an awesome Mother's Day, by the way!!

Tags: knee problem, woes, work
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